UGAly Cake

I was looking back at some pictures of the last few months and realized I never blogged about making a Dog Bone UGA cake. I made it for a lady to take to a tailgating party after one of their football games. It was a blast to make, and I think it turned out really cute.

It was a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. I baked a 9×11 cake, and 12 cupcakes. I cut down the 9×11 cake to size, and cut the corner of four cupcakes out to fit into the four corners of the cake. I cut off the tops of four more cupcakes to get the corners more domed and rounded to make it look for more like a dog bone.

Everything was very crumby from so much cutting and shaping, so I did a fairly heavy crumb-coat to keep everything in place.

 This was after I finished icing before I smoothed it out. The lady didn’t want fondant so I smoothed out the buttercream the best that I could.

Chris made the UGA logo to go on the cake. I am always amazed and impressed by his mad skills in the kitchen.

Here is the finished cake.

Packaged and ready to go out the door.

It was a fun project and I always enjoy it when Chris and I get to work together.

Thanks for reading!

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