Spicy Lime and Cilantro Slaw (no mayo)

Let me introduce you to my favorite way to eat cabbage. That is, shredded with cilantro, jalapeño, and instead of mayonnaise it uses lime juice, olive oil, and cumin to dress it up.

I have been making this once every couple of weeks for the last year and don’t plan on stopping. It is such a great blend of tangy, crunchy, spicy and all I can say is that you need to try it! It tastes great the day it is made, and just as good over the following days when I warm the leftover slaw in the skillet and serve it with two eggs over easy for breakfast. The other good thing about this coleslaw is that you can take it to an event and let it sit without worrying about it spoiling since there is no mayonnaise in it. I promise, once you try it you will want to bring to every summer event. It is that good!

Spicy Lime and Cilantro Slaw (no mayo)

1/2 head cabbage

1 whole bunch of cilantro

Juice of 1-2 limes

3 T Olive Oil

1 Jalapeño, finely chopped (seeds optional depending on your spice preference)

Dash cumin (not too much as it easily overpowers)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Chop cabbage however you prefer. I like mine thinly sliced. Chop cilantro, and chop jalapeño and place it in a large bowl with room to stir. Then squeeze the juice of two limes and add the olive oil. Then add some salt and pepper and cumin. Mix together well. Taste and adjust as needed. You might want it more salty or more tangy and you can add juice from another lime, or another glug of olive oil. It is totally up to you and your taste preferences. Best served the day it is made.

Sometimes I will chop all the cabbage, jalapeño and cilantro and mix together and store in a tupperware or gallon size ziplock bag to prep beforehand, and then I will just add the seasonings when I am about ready to serve it.

If I have both, I also like to use half red cabbage and half green cabbage. It makes the dish look really stunning and everybody will want the recipe :).


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