Summer Squash and Potato Gratin


Mmmmm… meet my new favorite comfort food. Summer squash and potato gratin. Chris and I have gone through two 9×13 pans of this in the last 5 days. It is super uber amazingly delicious.


The other amazing thing about this is how quick and easy it is to put together.


Especially when you have a nifty mandolin. My sweet mother-in-law gave this to me just last month. The mandolin and I made  special bond after using it to slice several pounds of vegetables in a few minutes. What can I say. I have a soft spot for kitchen tools that improve efficiency. I like to call myself adorably practical.


I used 4 medium sized squash, 2 potatoes and 2 small onions.


Then I was mesmerized by the mandolin as it quickly and evenly sliced all my veggies.




Well done, mandolin. Well done.


This time I used a mixture of dried thyme, parsley, basil and tarragon. I made it another time with fresh basil, parsley, oregano and chives. It works great with whatever you have on hand in your spice cabinet or herb garden.


Then I drizzled about 1/4 cup of olive oil over everything and mixed it so all the ingredients were evenly distributed.



Then I dumped it all into a casserole dish.


Putting cheese on top is completely optional.  Right now I am loving this sharp cheddar and it is a great addition. If you want to make it dairy free, you can put some nutritional yeast in with the herbs as well as on top. It turns out just as delicious!


Once it was ready I popped it into our toaster oven preheated to 375 degrees.


It took about 45 minutes to cook through and get the cheese all melty and golden brown.


The first time I made it, we ate it with burgers. This made the best leftovers too!


The next time I made it we served it with some deer roast and a sliced cucumber and tomato salad.

Mmmmm… summer is treating us so well :).

Summer Squash and Potato Gratin

2 potatoes

4 summer squash

2 small (or 1 large) onion

1/2 tsp dried thyme

1-2 tsp of dried herbs or 2 Tbsp to 1/4 cup of fresh herbs (whatever you have available in your cabinet or herb garden)

1 tsp garlic powder

Salt and Pepper to taste

1/4 cup olive oil

Optional: cheese or nutritional yeast for the top

Thinly slice all the veggies. Add the seasonings and olive oil. Mix thoroughly and made sure all the slices of veggies are mixed evenly and coated evenly with seasoning. Place in a  greased 9×13 pan and top with cheese or nutritional yeast. Bake at 375 for 45 minutes or until top is golden brown and you can easily pierce the layers with a fork to make sure the potatoes are cooked through.

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