About Noelle

Noelle Fuller is a Farmer, Educator and Researcher. Her mission is to promote the production of high quality domestically produced medicinal herbs.


Noelle began her journey towards natural health in 2010 with an interest in learning how foods can be used to promote well-being and prevent disease, and went on to earn B.S. in Nutrition Science at the University of Georgia. During her time in undergrad, she started taking horticulture classes to complement a growing curiosity about sustainable food production. It was there she learned about UGArden.

She became heavily involved at UGArden as a volunteer, and then as an intern learning how to grow food, and working in their medicinal herb plot which afforded her the opportunity to get hands-on experience with growing and using medicinal herbs.

During that time Noelle completed a Certificate of Herbal Studies from the Botanologos School of Herbal Medicine. She then graduated with her M.S. in Horticulture in 2017. Her area of research was on the medicinal herb, holy basil (tulsi).

Now she manages the herb program at UGArden, and has established an internship for UGA students to learn about medicinal herbs through hands on growing experience. She is facilitating the growing of over 50 medicinal herbs that are dried and made into tea blends, soaps, salves and infused oils that are sold in the community. She is also working on a myriad of research projects to produce science based information around the high quality production of medicinal herbs.