Noelle Fuller has a passion for creating an experience of connection and experiential learning during her workshops. They are all very hands-on and typically cover information around growing medicinal herbs and how to use them as food and medicine!


Currently all of these workshops are taught at the UGArden Student Farm in Athens, GA. Click on the image to learn more about each of these events happening Spring 2018!


Cultivating Healthy Skin Workshop

Participants learned how to make herbal infused oils to make a skincare salve and chapstick.


Ginger and Turmeric Workshop

Participants learned about growing guidelines for ginger and turmeric, they learned about the health properties of these spices, and how to incorporate them into many different food and beverage preparations like turmeric tahini salad dressing, candied ginger, and turmeric and ginger infused ghee!


Growing a Medicinal Tea Garden Workshop

Participants learned about growing 5 different herbs. Hibiscus, nettle, chamomile, holy basil and lemon balm. We tried hot and cold infusions of each herb, learned about their medicinal benefits, and had lots of hands on activities like blending their own medical tea, processing lemon balm and taking cuttings of stinging nettle for propagation.